Innocraft Cabinetry

Warranty Policy

Limited Warranty

Terms and Conditions

This limited warranty covers defects in material and workmanship in Innocraft Cabinetry materials for 3 years beginning at the time of purchase. Innocraft will assume responsibility for replacing any of the listed material provided that the claim falls within the current guidelines of the warranty.

What material is covered:

– Cabinet Frames

– Finish Panels

– Hinges

– Drawer Tracks

– Plywood Paneling

– Cabinet Doors

– Moldings

This warranty does not cover:

– Material installed or used outdoors.

– Product that has been subjected to misuse, vandalism, abuse, negligence, accident, improper

installation, improper storage, modifications not performed by Innocraft personnel.

– Use of abrasive cleaners, cleaners that contain chlorine, acidic cleaners, harsh detergents,

scuffing sponges, or steel wool on any part of the cabinetry will void this warranty.

– Any items damaged by fire, flood, natural disasters, excessive heat/cold, or other external

causes beyond the control of Innocraft.

– Variances in color and characteristics due to age, sunlight, smoke, or other environmental


– Damages incurred by transportation by non-Innocraft personnel.

– Incidental deterioration such as nicks, scratches, abrasions, and natural aging are considered

normal wear tear.

– Injury to material by moving previously installed Innocraft product to another location or

reinstalling any material.

– Damage resulting from installing products in locations that do not maintain year-round

environmental controls

Return and Exchange Policy

Uninstalled products in their original packaging may be returned within 30 days of purchase. Returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee. The client must arrange and pay for return shipping. No returns or exchanges are accepted after 30 days without prior authorization from Innocraft.

Product must be in original condition and packaging. No credit will be given for assembled or installed items.

Additional Clarifications

– Innocraft will cover the shipping of replacement items for any material with factory defects or

improper item(s) being received by our client.

– Labor cost to install/replace a defective part is not covered by the Innocraft warranty.

– Warranty is non-transferrable. Proof of purchase and payment by original consumer is required.

– Replacement material finish is not guaranteed to match that of the original product.

– This warranty does not cover any products used or installed in connection with cabinets, such as gas or electric appliances, countertops, or plumbing fixtures.

– This warranty covers only parts and materials of the cabinets as supplied by Innocraft.

– This warranty and return policy is subject to change at any time and without notice. Contact

customer service for any further clarifications.

– Innocraft will not cover the shipping cost for any return or exchange that is not completely

covered by the warranty.


To submit a claim covered under this warranty, the original proof of purchase and payment, or copies thereof, must be provided. Include photos and video of affected areas whenever possible. Do not send back any items to Innocraft prior to receiving proper return authorization from customer service.

Innocraft takes no responsibility for any items sent back without proper return authorization.


Please contact your contractor or wholesaler to submit a warranty claim.