Innocraft Cabinetry

Malibu Collection

These full access cabinets have a contemporary look, finished with three-layer lacquer paint in vibrant solid colors for a sleek look. They are built strong using new innovation in American style cabinetry. The premium plywood cabinet box will last you for years to come.

White Shaker

Antique White

Grey Shaker

Ash Taupe



3 Layer Lacquer Paint

To enhance the rich color, our three layer lacquer paint technique creates a smooth finish with protective layers that will last for years to come.




Seamless Door Technology

Seamless door technology uses a single thick uniform slab of wood to create a door and frame that is cohesive. Rather than affix two separate pieces to work together, using an original wood piece that is cut to create the door and frame creates a stunning presence that stands out in your cabinet.

The designers use a specialized router to customize the appearance of the cabinet door. Since this seamless door is created without separate pieces, the paint seldom cracks or chips compared to the paint application on five-piece doors.


Premium Plywood Box with full hardwood back panel (U)

The structure of the cabinet is made with a full 5/8 inch for all panels of the box. Other cabinets may skimp on plywood panels in size or material when they not visible in appearance, but all panels of the premium plywood box are full thick panels, meant to be sturdy and meant to last.


Full Access Frame

Full Access Frame Cabinets allow you to take maximum advantage of the space that you can use inside the cabinet. These frameless cabinets eliminate the frame from the front of the cabinet, allowing you more access to the storage and are often built with sturdier construction to handle the reinforced box.


Full Overlay (U)

The full overlay feature of the cabinet covers the entire frame of the cabinet, using precision to make sure the cabinet structure is concealed from the front so the focused appearance is concentrated on the cabinet drawers and doors.


Check out our latest completed projects

Innocraft Cabinetry is proud to show some of our most recent works with some of our clients. These are some of our best examples of what happens when we combine creativity and enthusiasm with skill and design.