Innocraft Cabinetry

Laguna Collection

These frameless cabinets are classified by their simple contemporary elegance with the innovative soft touch technology and a matte surface combined with the premium plywood structure of the box. These Innocraft Cabinets are silky smooth to the touch but amazingly durable for those who want superior cabinets that they can see and feel.

Matte White

Matte Grey



Soft Touch Matte

Soft touch matte cabinets are not only chic and contemporary but have a refined elegance for those who want a classic finish to their cabinets. Popular in Europe, matte cabinets show off the finish without adding extra reflection or luminescence to your room. The soft touch feature of these surfaces provides a distinction that you can see AND feel!


Premium Plywood Box with full hardwood back panel (UF)

The structure of the cabinet is made with a full 5/8 inch for all panels of the box. Other cabinets may skimp on plywood panels in size or material when they not visible in appearance, but all panels of the premium plywood box are full thick panels, meant to be sturdy and meant to last.


Door Flush End Panel

A door that is flush with the inside of the body will create a picture-perfect transition from the frame to the body, creating a sleek look to your cabinet.


Full Overlay (UF)

The full overlay feature of the cabinet covers the entire frame of the cabinet, using precision to make sure the cabinet structure is concealed from the front so the focused appearance is concentrated on the cabinet drawers and doors.


Check out our latest completed projects

Innocraft Cabinetry is proud to show some of our most recent works with some of our clients. These are some of our best examples of what happens when we combine creativity and enthusiasm with skill and design.